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A Trip Down Memory Lane...

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11 April 2017

Harbour Street
One of Ramsgate's greatest assets is its history and heritage. We have more Regency Squares and Crescents than any other town from here to Bath, and have been the residence or visiting place of many of the World's greatest names.

In the World of entertainment; Benny Hill appeared at the Granville Theatre; Audrey Hepburn was in the Chorus Line in the Royal Victoria Pavilion; Max Bygraves, Tesse O'Shea and Donald Pears appeared at the Palace Theatre; Hollywood Film star Brenda Blethyn OBE was born, grew up and now lives in Ramsgate; the biggest Country Duo Grant and Forsyth (Dominic Grant and Brucie's daughter Julie Forsyth) live in Ramsgate as did John Le Mesurier.

Vincent Van Gogh lived and was a teacher in Ramsgate, Tissott painted 15 paintings of Ramsgate and Frith's famous painting "A Day at the Seaside" was painted of Ramsgate.

Writers of the World visited, including Hans Christian Anderson, Daniel Defoe and Jane Austen, whose brother lived in the town. Charles Dickens also performed on stage in the Town.

With our Royalty links, William IV proposed to Miss Long of Ramsgate four times, and four times she said no. Princess Victoria stayed in Ramsgate many times with her mother, the Duchess of Kent. George IV visited several times and named our Harbour "Royal" nearly 200 years ago.

Karl Marx and his daughter lived here. Darwin and Wilkie Collins also stayed here, and the World's Greatest Showmen, Buffalo Bill and PT Barnum, both brought their circus shows to town. The latter also brought General Tom Thumb.

The oldest Steamship Company, The General Steam and Navigation Company, brought the Royal Sovereign, Royal Daffodil, Crested Eagle, Golden Eagle and Queen of the Channel to our Royal Harbour, soon to be followed by the very first International Hoverport in the World.

Ramsgate also played a vital part in the Napoleonic Years as an embarkation port and, later, a major port in Operation Dynamo, rescuing hundreds from the beaches of Dunkirk.

With 24 different stories of Bygone Ramsgate each month at The Custom House in Harbour Parade and images of Ramsgate over the past 200 years on the Third Thursday of the month at 7:30pm you too will enjoy a great night of nostalgia with Ralph Hoult aka "Mr Ramsgate", Ramsgate's Honorary Freeman.

Written by:
Ralph Hoult