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Geocaching in Ramsgate Kent

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Putting Ramsgate on the map for Geocaching

Putting Ramsgate on the map
Discover geocaching and you open up endless opportunities to explore new places and make any outdoor pursuit a little more adventurous. This reinvention of the traditional treasure hunt uses GPS technology (available as an app on a smartphone or on a GPS device) to track down “caches” using the individual co-ordinates which pinpoint their location. What’s in the cache? Inside you’ll find a log book so you can log your find and often a small prize for you to take and replace with something of equal value, ready for the next treasure hunter. When you’ve found your cache all you need to do is log your find at

You’ll find geocaches on every continent and all across the UK. There could be one just around the corner, on the beach, at the end of an Active Ramsgate walk, cycle route, or in the town itself. It might be a box hidden in the grass, or there might even be a puzzle to solve first. So if you are looking for stuff to do at the weekend and want to find out more visit and search for hidden treasure "caches" in the Ramsgate area.

Active Ramsgate Geocoins

Follow the journey of these Active Ramsgate Geocoins or find them yourself and help them on their journey.

Putting Ramsgate on the map
Active Coast
Bouncing its way around the British Isles.

Distant Voyager I
Sailing around the harbours and coastal getaways of Europe.

Distant Voyager II
Spreading the word about Ramsgate amongst Europe's coastal towns.

Four Seasons - Active Ramsgate
Connecting Ramsgate with its twin towns in Europe.

The Ramsgate Ramblers

The Ramsgate Ramblers like nothing more than exploring the area around Ramsgate and with everything there is to do in Ramsgate do not need to venture further afield. They are also very competitive; Which one will travel the furthest?

Natural Wonder

Northern Star

Viking Maker