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Pickleball is the hottest new sport at the moment and Ramsgate is one of the best (and few) outdoor venues in the UK to try it out! A mixture of badminton, table tennis and tennis, pickleball is a fun sport for all the family.

Spencer Square Tennis & Pickleball Centre is the place to play, so why not give it a go! There are also regular coaching sessions for children and families, an over 50s Pickleball Group and special activity days for children in the school holidays.

Contact Spencer Square Tennis and Pickleball Centre in Spencer Square (CT11 9LD) on 07834 316601 for more details, prices and to book.

Click Here For More Information on Pickleball & Tennis

“The session was great thanks. I really enjoyed it. Caroline is an excellent instructor and was very helpful and encouraging. On the face of it Pickleball is a fairly straightforward game but the intricacies and tactics will take some time to master, terrific fun though. I’m planning to go again next Monday for the pay & play session.”
William Neech, Pickleball, Active8 Week

“I'd love to tell you that I enjoyed Pickleball but, sadly, I sprained a muscle in my leg within about 5 minutes of going on court!!!
Caroline was very welcoming and the other veterans were very friendly and I at least learnt the basics, albeit from the sidelines. I fully intend having another try and, since I will be in Devon next Monday, hope to join them the following week, when I hope to be fully recovered. Thank you for my free taster session, though, and next time, I'll warm up!!!”
Christine Tyler, Pickleball, Active8 Week