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Ramsgate Town Council Committee Structures

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Ramsgate Town Council has four committees, which meet regularly to discuss business, as well as the Full Council meetings. 
The committees are as follows: Amenities, Finance & General Purposes, Planning & Environment and Town Promotion. Listed below are the committees, their chairman, their clerk and their responsibilities.

Full Council
Chairman: Councillor Trevor Shonk
Vice Chairman: Councillor Barbara Young
Clerk: Richard Styles, Town Clerk

Election for Mayor of Ramsgate
Election for Chairman of Council
Election for Vice Chairman of Council
Agreement of Committee Structures
Ramsgate Funding
Councillor Ward Community Funding
Public Engagement Meetings
Councillor Attendance Matters
Town Mayor and Deputy Mayors Report

Amenities Committee
Chairman: Councillor Terry Connor
Vice Chairman: Councillor Hunter Stummer-Schmertzing
Clerk: Eileen Richford, Deputy Town Clerk

Civic Matters
Civic Assets
Events Funding
Town Improvements
Montefiore Woodland Matters

Finance & General Purposes Committee
Chairman: Councillor Peter Campbell
Vice Chairman: Councillor Rev. Stuart Piper
Clerk: Richard Styles, Town Clerk

Council Accounts
Council Audits (Internal and External)
Building Maintenance
Staffing Matters and Contractors
Budget Allocations

Planning & Environment Committee
Chairman: Councillor Jeremy Fairbrass
Vice Chairman: Councillor Lin Fairbrass
Clerk: Eileen Richford, Deputy Town Clerk

Statutory consultee for planning applications from TDC and KCC
Other Consultations received from TDC and KCC
A Town Plan for Ramsgate
Neighbourhood Planning

Town Promotion Committee
Chairman: Councillor Sarah Larkins
Vice Chairman: Councillor Janet Falcon
Clerk: Dean Williams, Technical Officer

Active Ramsgate
Visitor Information Centre
Ramsgate Town Website
Town Promoter
Community Ad Magazine
Ramsgate Town Team Matters
Destination Management Plan Matters