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Green Diesel / Galley Beggar

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Green Diesel
Hailing from Faversham, Green Diesel first emerged in 2009 taking their inspiration from the depths of English folk lore and legend and the classic folk rock sound of their predecessors Fairport Convention and The Albion Band. Blending traditional instruments with the modern.

Performing original compositions, steeped in folklore, alongside inventive reworkings of traditional songs the band have built up a reputation as a fearsome live act. Their energy and musicianship grabs the audience by the scruff of the neck and leaves them wanting more.

The band’s albums, 2012’s ‘Now Is The Time’ and 2014’s ‘Wayfarers All’ have won praise from critics and fans and have appeared at the likes of Beverley Folk Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Broadstairs Folk Week and the Kelburn Garden Party.

The band’s third album ‘The Hangman’s Fee’ (released in March 2017) features songs inspired by the darker. Sinister spirits and bloodstained tales weave their way through the album backed by the signature Green Diesel sound.

Galley Beggar
To reduce Galley Beggar‘s allure down to a simple matter of folk rock revivalism would be foolish. With a sound that incorporates all manner of unexpected elements while always celebrating the mischievous spirit of folk music across the centuries, these Kentish chameleons have been steadily earning a formidable reputation since forming back in 2009. Over the course of three acclaimed albums – Reformation House (2010), Galley Beggar (2012) and Silence & Tears (2014), Galley Beggar have pulled off the neat trick of simultaneously honouring and upgrading the psychedelic folk rock template, both revelling in the simple magic of acoustic instrumentation and joyfully harnessing the lysergic power of the electric too.

And now they are poised to release their fourth and finest album, Heathen Hymns in April 2017. A dizzying blend of the traditional and the untried, it’s a record full of absorbing musical stories that showcase a newfound lust for experimentation.
Where: Ramsgate Music Hall, 13 Turner Street, CT11 8NJ
When: 7:30pm
Contact: 01843 591815