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Skinnyman & Taz

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Taz was a South London rapper with a lot going for him. Heavily involved in Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Boy in da corner’ LP plus he was the first UK artist to sign for Def Jam. Then he unleashes ‘Analyse This’. A very powerful debut full of social commentary and personal references, jammed with imaginative musical hooks and samples.

Not short on self-confidence, the album was fresh and the rhymes incisive, sharp and well observed.

The big single was ‘Can’t Contain Me’ with its beat blundering forward like a train out of control over a frantic bass. Taz flowed over the top dissing bad-ass reviewers and cutting down all A&R men in his way.


Skinnyman was one of the most prominent MC’s back in the UK hip hop scene in 2004. ‘Council Estate Of Mind’ was his long awaited debut album. He was part of the Mud Family collective alongside Chester P and Mongo. The Mud Family would travel around London showcasing their skills at free battle shows where they would destroy the competition and enhance their reputation amongst rivals and fans alike.

His LP documented the issues about living in council estates and how growing up on them usually meant ending up on the wrong side of the tracks. Not overly optimistic, but it’s the harsh reality that Skinnyman had personally faced.

It’s more than just your average everyday hip hop release, Skinnyman took the listener on a journey. A great album from an MC who never lacked the skills and had the stories to tell.
Where: Ramsgate Music Hall, 13 Turner Street, CT11 8NJ
When: 7:30pm
Contact: 01843 591815