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Eberhard Kranemann co-founded the electronic bands KRAFTWERK, NEU and P***OFF. Harold Grosskopf emerged from legendary 70’s German Art-Rock band WALLENSTEIN, collaborated extensively with KLAUS SCHULZE and ASH RA TEMPLE and made the hugely influential SYNTHESIST solo album in 1980.

Together they are KRAUTWERK!

Fans include Brian Eno, Cherrystones and Pete Fowler.

In support we have venues favourite drummer Adam Betts.
He of Three Trapped Tigers fame. This guy is a one man cyclone of sound. His debut LP Colossal Squid is a peach. We know, we have it!

Challenging the conventional boundaries between art, sound and performance this show is a MUST SEE!
Where: Ramsgate Music Hall, 13 Turner Street, CT11 8NJ
When: 7:30pm
Contact: 01843 591815