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Kent Big Weekend

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Pugin's Church and Shrine of St Augustine
One of the most important Gothic Revival buildings in the world: this is the personal church of Augustus Pugin - the man who designed the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, and led the revival of all things Gothic. Here he was his own paymaster, so the building is entirely according to his own 'ideal' design. Commemorating the world-changing event of St Augustine of Canterbury landing on Thanet, bringing Christianity to the English. This is the shrine of St Augustine - the first Archbishop of Canterbury. His significant mission brought written laws, music, art and much more!

Ramsgate Brewery Ltd
Modish brewers of East Kent, the GADDS craft fresh, tasty, local beer for fresh, tasty, local people.

An opportunity to tour the brewery, learn how beer is made and sample the product!

Ramsgate Tunnels
Beneath Ramsgate lies an abandoned labyrinth of tunnels which extends for more than 3 miles around the town. This unique underground city was constructed as part of the town’s Air Raid Precautions in 1939 and includes a former main line railway tunnel dating back to 1863.

Take a tour of these tunnels and your guid will bring to life how the front line town survived constant bombing and shelling. Learn how Ramsgate survived the first Blitz of WWII and how 1000 people took up residents in the Town below the Town. Learn about the Mad Mayor who's forsight and determination saved the town. Listen to anecdotes of former inhabitants of the tunnels.

A tour of Ramsgate Tunnels will uncover an important part of history and is suitable for all ages.
Where: Around Kent and Ramsgate